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The Rising 5's sessions really help the children

to get used to everything at school

and make their first days far less daunting.


"As a result of this strong partnership

working with parents and educational establishments

children are well prepared for the move to school"

Ofsted Nov 2014


"The children concentrate well on activities

Staff praise the children when they do well

- this has a positive effect on their confidence and self-respect"

Ofsted Report

Rising 5s – What is it?

In the last term before your child starts school we offer the extra option of Rising 5s sessions.


These are held with Blakesley School and our  Pre-School team.


In these sessions the children spend time in the Reception class joining in with activities, getting to know the teachers, the children and the school environment.


The sessions really help get the children used to everything at school and make their first days far less daunting.


Moving on to school

Although most children attending the pre-school go onto Blakesley Primary School, any child is welcome and we look forward to meeting children who are going onto other village schools or private schools. At Blakesley pre-school we offer fun and friendship with children and other adults.


Through experience we know that friendships can be maintained successfully even when children move onto different schools. All in all we believe that attending Blakesley pre-school is an excellent start for all children both educationally and socially. We aim to work within a framework which ensures equality of opportunity for all children and families.