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We aim to help all children settle in quickly

Welcome Packs are available to new parents

Fruit snacks, milk and juice are provided during snack time


"Through a range of activities

staff effectively promote communication, language and literacy

and this is a strength of the pre-school"

Ofsted Report

Getting Started

Blakesley Pre-School offers sessions five days per week (Monday to Friday either 9am to 1 pm or 9am to 3pm) during term time for children aged 2 to 4 years old.


We have lunch before the end of the early session. Children bring their own packed lunch and a drink.


You are welcome to visit pre-school with your child before they come on their own.


You can decide how long to stay and you can talk to the staff and other children and have a good look around. There is no charge for these “coming to see” sessions. You may like to accompany your child at their first full session. Feel free to discuss arrangements with the pre-school staff. Every child is different and they have different requirements.


We aim to help all children settle in quickly.


Children of all nationalities and ethnic backgrounds are welcome at Blakesley Pre-School, together with those with Special Educational Needs.


If you are interested in your child joining pre-school then please come and visit us for a look around.


Simply call 01327 860100 or email to organise a time.


Signing In

We operate a signing-in register. Please try to remember to sign your child in and out of each session and make a note if your child is to be collected by someone else.


For insurance reasons we ask that all children be picked up promptly at the end of the sessions so that the staff can finish packing up safely. Children can get distressed having to wait to be picked up when everyone else has gone home.


Communication is vital in a village pre-school like ours. Any problems or concerns should be talked through with a member of staff. If you do not feel able to discuss something sensitive with a member of staff, then you can talk to the Chairperson or a member of the committee - a list of these people is on the notice board. We care about your child and we care about our pre-school and in the rare event of a serious problem occurring it is always necessary to keep communications open to find a solution.

Pre-school / Home Liaison

We regularly have news to tell you and any letters or notices will be sent home via your child's bookbag. Also in this will be your childs personal booklet to be filled in by you at home. This is to write in anything at all happening at home that you feel is relevant to your child's time in pre-school. Staff will reply and note any issues occurring in pre-school time. If you have any questions about this please talk to a member of staff. Newsletters and any other pre-school information will be sent out by e-mail, and a paper copy attached to the notice board.

Health and Safety

Health & Safety

Common sense prevails here! It's obviously best to keep a sick child at home. Please inform the staff as soon as you can if your child has something contagious e.g. chicken pox, nits etc. All information will be treated with discretion.


If your child becomes unwell during a pre-school session a member of staff will ring the emergency number on your registration form, so it is important that these numbers are updated with us if they change. If your child has any medication (medicines, inhalers etc) they should be left with a member of staff with accurate instructions for use. You will also be asked to sign a medicine form stating you have done this.


Ofsted regularly inspects pre-school. We have to pass a thorough and stringent inspection which covers all aspects of the care we offer - not just health and safety. Copies of these reports are on display on one of the noticeboards in the hallway. Please feel free to request a copy to take home at any time.

Children's Achievements

The staff are always happy to discuss your child's progress. Their profiles are always available for viewing. 


We have regular parents' evenings where the children's profiles are set out for you to look at. It's a good chance for you to discuss any concerns or queries with the staff. There are always opportunities for you and your family to be directly involved in the activities of the group and in your own child’s progress.

Policies / Welcome Pack

Please make time to read through our policies which are held at pre-school (copies on request). We would appreciate you signing the pre-school copy to acknowledge that you have read and understood these documents.


Welcome Packs are available to new parents and will be provided once a child commences pre-school. Copies of these are also kept at pre-school.


We ask that children attend a minimum of two sessions per week.

Through experience we find that this helps the children settle in far more easily (a whole week between sessions is a long time for a child) and it also means the child gets the most from the pre-school activities and crafts. A two-session-minimum provides continuity of care, which is important for pre-school children. Rising 5's can be added in the final term of pre-school but we require the children to continue with their two regular sessions per week in addition to the Rising 5's sessions.


Children should be dressed suitably for playgroup. Clothes should be suitable for climbing, sliding and sometimes messy activities such as painting, modelling, water-play and the mud kitchen etc.


We provide aprons but it's best if the children don't have to worry about spoiling “good” clothes. We ask that a full set of spare clothes (i.e. tops and bottoms) be left at pre-school on the child's hook in the hallway. It's nice for the children to have their own clothes to slip on in case of an accident. Children also require a pair of suitable indoor shoes such as slippers or pumps.


Please don't let your children bring toys or jewellery to playgroup. We have lots of things to play with and it's upsetting if things get mislaid or broken. However if your child has a particular comfort toy this can be brought in, especially in the early days. Children are only encouraged to bring items from home on 'show and tell' days. We do however encourage things to be brought to pre-school if they are relevant to a particular topic we are covering. We like to set up display tables and things from home are welcomed to make these displays stimulating.


“Children's personal, social and emotional development is fostered well. They are encouraged to select an activity which interests them and either work in groups or independently. Their concentration is good and they sit quietly when appropriate” Ofsted Report.

Role of Parents

We recognise that parents are the first and most important educators of their children and we aim to support you. We welcome you to take part in assisting with fundraising when you can and to join the committee if possible.


It is worth remembering that our pre-school is a charity and without an active and enthusiastic committee the pre-school would not be able to continue. We value your input and encourage suggestions and feedback.


We provide fruit snacks, milk and juice during snack time - this is included in the fees. Water is available throughout the sessions.