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"Staff have established effective working partnerships with parents

and they are represented well on the management committee."


Ofsted Nov 2014


The pre-school has been successfully run

by a committee of staff and

parents since 1965


"The children concentrate well on activities

Staff praise the children when they do well and this has a positive effect

on their confidence and self-respect"

Ofsted Report

Blakelsey Preschool has been run by a Committee since 1965! 

If you are interested in joining our committee, or being involved with preschool in any way, please;

-email us on

-phone on 01327 860100

-find us on facebook @blakesleypreschoolcommunity


You don't need to be a parent of a child at preschool to join the committee. We look for people from all backgrounds, with a shared community interest. 

What does the committee do?


It’s a voluntary committee run charity. That means the committee are charged with hiring and HR, setting prices, raising funds, marketing, liaising with local bodies, and everything that you would expect to run a business. That also means that without a committee there would be no preschool! 


How much time does it take up to be a committee member?

That really depends on what your role is and what particular projects you wish to be part of. We aim to have a whole committee meeting every half term and you can play a vital role as a committee member just by attending the meetings and giving your input on the matters raised. Then you can decide if you want to take part in any other projects or fundraisers that come up along the way, or if you want to put yourself forward for a more demanding role.


Is it all fundraising and raffles?

No. Whilst raising funds is a big part of what we do, you can be a valuable committee member without ever getting involved in the fundraising effort at all. 


What skills do I need to have to join?

We need a broad range of skills and experiences to form a strong committee so everyone has something they can offer. We need skills across every area you would expect to run a business including HR and employment, financial planning, marketing, experience of running a business, knowledge of the local area, passion for fundraising, an interest in a community resource or early years, parents perspective and common sense! Everyone has something different to offer!


What do you get from being a committee member?

As well as keeping the preschool going it’s a great way to make friends, build a local network, be involved in your children’s earliest experiences of education and be an active part of the community. 


Do I have to have a child at the preschool? 

No, you simply have to be community minded. It’s actually beneficial for us to have a mixed committee of parents and non parents (or former parents) to get a broader range of experiences perspectives and viewpoints.