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"The partnership with parents is very good.

Parents are provided with a range of good quality information about the preschool.

They are kept informed of their childrens' progress through parents evenings, written diaries and discussion"

Ofsted Report


We are pleased to offer the children the opportunity

to learn music and Yoga from professional teachers

who come into our sessions.

What do we do at pre-school and why are we special?

Our pre-school is run in a professional manner, but we like to retain the small community group spirit
which is at its roots. Individual care and attention is made possible by a high ratio of staff to children.


We offer a friendly and welcoming environment for children and their parent/carers.


In the Moment Planning 


We work with the 'In the moment planning' approach. This method believes that children have a natural desire to learn and to explore, and our practitioners are here to help and support them in this. We do this by creating an enabling environment and through the relationships and interactions the children experience. We do not plan ahead, rather we remain and plan in the moment.


The Early Years Framwork states:


1.6 Practioners must consider the individual needs, interests, and stage of development of each child in their care, and must use this information to plan a challenging and enjoyable experience for each child in all of the areas of learning and development. 


Planning in the moment fully allows this to happen and encourages the children to pursue their own interests.



Our Environment


With the emphasis on learning through play, we have an indoor and outdoor area which the children have access to come rain or shine.




Each day, we set up our room with a large home corner, a  construction area, using big and small loose parts and Arts and craft area where the children can use malleable materials as well as painting, drawing and junk modelling. We also have our reading are, cosy den and our dressing up area.




The children have free flow to the outdoor area and have use of the mud kitchen, waterplay, markmaking, construction, bikes as well as a range of outdoor toys.